Welcome to Christ the King: The Cell Church.  The cell church is about making disciples through small groups.  We gather on Sunday to worship and learn from God’s Word as well as teach our children. During the week we gather in cell groups to apply the message to our lives.

We believe that being disciples of Jesus Christ means that we do life together with God.  That’s why we are a cell based church.   Just as cells are the basic unit of life in the human body, cells are the basic unit life in the church.  Cells meet weekly for about an hour, personalizing the message, praying together, and sharing life with one another.

Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples, and we do that through cells.  When you visit with us on Sunday morning, someone will most likely invite you to a cell group.  They are really inviting you into a circle of friends who are doing life together with God.


Dr. Michael Peters, Senior Pastor

If you want to see what we think church should look like, watch the video below.

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Michael Peters has been pastoring for over 30 years and is a gifted teacher and speaker.  His messages are easy to follow, filled with truth, and practical application for walking through life with Jesus.

"Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations."

Jesus Christ