Kids Club is the gathering place for kids at Christ the King Church. Kids Clubs are for all kids ages 3-11. Clubs meet at 5 pm on Sunday evenings. Come in and meet our leaders and feel comfortable knowing that your child is learning about God in a safe place. You can stick around and talk with other parents or go for a cup of coffee at a nearby Starbucks.
Just come back at 6:45 to pick them up.



Our mission is to make lifelong followers of Jesus. This begins in childhood and their time at Kids Club will focus on discovering who they are as God’s creation and what the love of Jesus means to them.

It is our hope that all kids will build strong friendships with their peers and look to their leaders as examples. They will track their achievements by receiving awards to mark their growth.

We use Awana’s curriculum to guide our teaching of the kids. For more on Awana visit


If my child has been in a different Awana group will they be able to continue at Christ the King Kid’s Club? –  Yes, we will keep the kids on track in their Awana work.

My child is 3 but not potty trained yet, can he/she come? –  Yes, but parent supervision is required in case of an accident. Once they are fully potty trained you can just drop them off.

Can my child still join the club?  –  Yep. We would love for them to join us any time. If they want to catch up to get their award at the end of the year we will work with them to help them get there.

Is there a cost? – There is a $15 uniform cost. The church is pleased to cover the cost of materials.


Click the link below to register your kids today. If you have any questions please email or if you would like, call the office and speak with the wonderful Dana Williams. Our number is 314-395-6326